This is not your mom’s basement.

Founded in 2016 by broadcast professionals using state-of-the-art equipment, ON-AIR MEDIA is dedicated to ensuring you look and sound your best. We are a boutique, turnkey production company that guides you through the podcast process – from inception to completion.

Unlike some minor-league outfits, we are not in the business of one-size-fits-all podcasts oozing the whimsical, amateurish vibe of a kid’s school project or tomorrow’s forgotten fad. We also don’t do laundry, do don’t ask.

What we do is collaborate on something great.

Our goal – through 4K cameras, sound-proof studios and vastly experienced engineers and producers – is to bring your story to life. To inject your passion with professionalism. To transform your idea into a podcast that’s legit, fun, informative, entertaining and even profitable.

Get out of the basement. Welcome to the big leagues.

ON-AIR MEDIA is the brainchild of radio/TV broadcast veteran Chris Jagger and partner/podcast cohost Melissa Plaskoff. Their goal: To assist individuals, groups and businesses independently produce digital content.

Jagger’s nearly 40 years of broadcast experience includes major radio companies iHeartMedia and CBS Radio in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Dallas, and working for Warner Brothers Television in Los Angeles. After spending time letting someone else produce her podcasts and realizing a void in the marketplace, Melissa convinced Jagger there had to be a better way to help independent producers create quality productions.

Their priority was to make it affordable to join the digital revolution in a professional, well-equipped studio space that provided all the bells, whistles and green screens.

Jagger knew an important element to the success of ON-AIR MEDIA would be local media personalities. Some of the best on-air talent in the country is right here in Dallas and – through his vast relationships and connections – he brought in many radio and TV veterans to help develop and nurture the new breed of online broadcasting talent. With the help of DFW media personalities Richie Whitt, Alexa Conomos, Julie Fisk, Jasmine Sadry, Mike Vasquez, Dean Lewis and Janeé Hill, ON-AIR MEDIA offers an unprecedented team of professional broadcasters eager to provide everything from consulting, coaching or co-hosting.

With our combination of resources, creativity, unique studio space and two network options, ON-AIR MEDIA can customize any idea to any platform: audio-only, video podcast, web series, short and long-form videos, TV commercials and educational curriculum. And we do it with attention-to-detail service that can only come from a quality-over-quantity company seeking to produce not 500 shows, but 50 superior shows.

Try finding that in mom’s basement.

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