Host Your Own Show

Creativity > Cookie cutters.

Because looking and sounding professional doesn’t mean being predictable. Whether you desire an audio-only podcast or dream of a full-blown, live TV production, ON-AIR MEDIA is the turnkey solution with the expertise to transform your story into your show.

To customize and cater to all genres, we’ve designed two networks:

On Air Podcast Network – Full 4K experience with lavalier microphones and high-resolution quality.

Pod City Podcast Network – Radio-show feel with headphones, table-top microphones.

Each network – duh! – offers ON-AIR MEDIA’s state-of-the-art equipment, sound-proof studios, experienced producers and assistance with everything from show name to presentation format to live streaming and post-show promotion via social media. Both networks also feature ON-AIR MEDIA’s unique business model that allows you – it’s your baby, after all – to keep any and all advertising/sponsorship revenue.

We are savvy enough to be the epicenter for live streaming and on-demand broadcast solutions, but also sensible enough to cherish quality over quantity. Our boutique, customized philosophy allows us to exclusively embrace unique, high-end content. Nothing homogenized or slipshod (see mom’s basement.)

At ON-AIR MEDIA, our team makes the process of creating user-generated content simple and affordable, yet slick. We offer a variety of original programming platforms for the self-production and delivery of high-quality audio-only, video podcasting, web series, short and long-form videos, TV commercials, educational curriculum and voice-overs.

Our two distinctive networks produce thought-provoking and addictive entertainment through our talent of prominent artists, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and personalities.

Regardless of your point in the content journey – from newbie seeking a clue to established pro in search of a broader audience – we can tailor an emerging media package that both fits your voice and your budget.

Contact us to help you determine which network is the best fit.

And, please, leave the cookie cutters at mom’s.

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