Taking your podcast to the next level? Ready to perform your show in front of a live audience? Amped to do your thing at the hottest event?

ON-AIR MEDIA has you covered.
Introducing: OAM GO!

OAM GO! is our professional, remote broadcast studio that allows you to perform at different locations while seamlessly streaming content on the go.

Our intuitive, proprietary system allows you to take all the familiar benefits of OAM’s home studio on the road: Custom branding with show open, lower thirds, photos and videos, all streamed to Facebook Live, YouTube, Twitch and your own website.

But with OAM GO! you can crank it up a notch.
Our remote studio assets include three cameras and a professional, wireless audio integration that eliminates the need for headphones or hand-held microphones. Monitored and managed by our on-site engineers and production team, OAM GO! allows you the freedom to transport your show and capture the ambience of your setting.

Your show + studio quality + any venue = OAM GO!

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