On Air Studio

The On Air Podcast Network studios sound-proof, personalized space is the dream venue for the professional broadcaster which includes customizable green screens and professional lighting.

The On Air studio provides many aesthetic options and enables clients to create their own talk-show-style atmosphere. The studio is suited for charming, smaller-scale shows or large-party productions. Both options offer fully customizable furniture, prop and seating options for dynamic branding opportunities.

On Air shows benefit from state-of-the-art 4K high-definition cameras, lavalier digital wireless mics and top-line professional lighting. The result is brilliant, high-resolution content.

Each podcast is filmed multi-cam, enabling tight shots for hosts and branded products, and also wide angles to capture full cast conversations. Recorded both audio and visually allows for easy transfer to Apple Podcasts, Google Play and a variety of additional media portals. Our Livestream broadcasting software seamlessly connects in real-time to personal websites, Facebook Live, YouTube and additional media portals.

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