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Funny females.

Fantasy football.

Relatable realities.

And a splash of in-your-face fierce.

Tuh-duh! It’s the First & 10sPodcast, the unique weekly show delivering hot women, cold-blooded competition and the spiciest of opinions on football, life and, especially, each other. First & 10sis the brainchild of media-savvy, long-time friends Amy Voss and Jasmine Sadry.

The podcast weaves through their fantasy football league of 12 outspoken and diverse women, who vary in sports IQ from newbie to prodigy. First& 10swill trash-talk league rivalries (complete with expletives), while also injecting pop culture, fashion and music into their daring dialogue.

It’s the podcast that compels you to look and listen.

It’s saucy, dramatic, edgy and, most of all, funny AF.

It’s First & 10s: Light on stats; heavy on sass.

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