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Scheer Madness

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You can try the fad diets, the cliche business plans and the same routine at the same gym with the same results. Or - if you really want to upgrade your life, inside and out - you can simply listen to the new podcast hosted by health & wellness expert Rachel Scheer.

Rising above a turbulent childhood, Rachel is a certified nutritionist, counselor and fitness model eager to provide everyone from professional athletes to weekend warriors to working moms the tips they need to improve their physical and mental health. Through her own experience and  professional training, and intriguing guests that excel in both fitness and business, Scheer Madness provides one-stop shopping for a better you.

Welcome to the show that will teach you advanced diet tips, business tools and even advice for healthier relationships, all as part of your positive lifelong enhancements.

It's Scheer Madness. It's crazy not to listen.

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